Dear Streamheroes Community,

the last weeks have been quite challenging for all of us.

Not only did the SH team bring many new features online (Marketplace, Collections, Gems), but with the ads, the subscription, and the change to the popular Multicraft feature even the last sleepy users were woken up from hibernation and caused a mini shitstorm. Things got heated, but as promised and announced before the releases, we listened and balanced and are happy to inform you about today's update:

  1. MULTICRAFT is back for every user
  2. The card shop is back
  3. We fixed MANY bugs
  4. Adjustments to the supporter subscription
  5. Adjustments to the navigation and user experience
  6. Preview of upcoming improvements for streamers and viewers


Yes, we made mistakes and give you your beloved Multicraft back. As announced, we have been doing some testing on Streamheroes. One of them was that we put the Multicraft feature, which can be used to open multiple boosters at once, in the Supporter Subscription - and took it away from users who don't support us. It was a necessary test that was not well received at all. After analyzing all the data and having many conversations with streamers and the community, we made this feature available again to everyone for free.

Sorry again to all streamers, who had a lot to do because of the displeasure of the community.

IMPORTANT: Dear community, if you have any problems with Streamheroes in the future, please contact us directly. Please remember that streamers are not Streamheroes support staff. Streamers need to focus on their job and can only give limited feedback to our team. Don't take your frustration, if any, out on the streamers, but talk to us. We have an open ear for you and are there for you (Discord).

ad 2. The card shop is back!

The card store was inactive for a few weeks. We have been working on some internal processes, dusted off the print store, and have now taken the card store online again for the time being. "For the time being", because we still have to clarify a few things internally, and it could happen that we take it temporarily offline again, e.g. in December for maintenance. However, we are making every effort to ensure that the store remains online and does not go offline again.

ad 3. We fixed MANY bugs

In the last few days we have identified and fixed more than 15 of the most reported bugs. Most of them were around the leaderboards and booster opening.  If you now think that this is all fine, you are far wrong. The list is still long, but we are getting faster day by day to work through it. True to the motto "Make Streamheroes great again" :O we will not rest until the last bug has been found and fixed. If you find any other bugs, please post them in Discord. The exterminator is on the way.

ad 4. Adjustments to the supporter subscription

The Streamheroes Supporter Subscription has only been available for a short time, but has already made many of you happy, and you with it us, as the support ensures the continuity of Streamheroes.

THANK YOU, to all the hardworking supporters.

The whole SH team is positively surprised by the support in the last weeks and even more motivated to make Streamheroes and the subscription even better in the future.

Since Multicraft is now available to all users again, and thus as a benefit of the supporters is gone, we have introduced another benefit in its place: Increasing the power limits for subscribers from 15,000 to 25,000 (10,000 for non-subscribers). In addition, we are already working on other benefits and will probably add the first ones as early as November.

ad 5. Adjustments to the navigation menu and user experience

No, there were no complaints about the lunch menu. Our chef always does a great job. But we have received a lot of feedback that Streamheroes is getting "more and more complex". So one of our goals is to make Streamheroes "simpler" again as soon as possible. This includes the menu/navigation. We have simplified this and adjusted the order to simplify and improve the navigation in Streamheroes again. We will also carry out further optimizations in this regard and will also keep you up to date.

New menu structure / navigation

ad 6. Preview of the upcoming improvements

Much has now been fixed and improved, but the list of upcoming improvements is still long:

General improvements

  • Further bugfixing and balancing
  • The Viewer Dashboard (Hub) will be reworked
  • Further adjustment of the navigation
  • Optimization of the mobile website
  • Optimization of the marketplace
  • Optimization of the Refer-A-Friend feature for viewers
  • Season 2 - Blizzard meets Pyro - all about Winter & New Year
  • We bring back the Legacy Cards (Streamer, Game, Category, Teams, SH)
  • Improvement of the leaderboard system
  • Planning of the clan/guild system

Improvements for streamers:

  • The Streamer Dashboard will be redesigned
  • Introduction of the Refer-A-Friend feature for streamers
  • Introduction of more monetary benefits for streamers
  • Improvement of the Alert-Capsule system
  • Improvement of the onboarding and card creation

Many thanks to the eager community, who accompanied us with extremely good criticism through the last weeks. We appreciate daily constructive criticism to make Streamehereos a little bit better. We'll keep you posted and get back to you soon with more improvements!

Tom and Team

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