Right now, the static all-time Streamheroes leaderboard is an insurmountable obstacle, especially for new users. We want to dust off and develop the true potential of this feature. Read more about the changes and our intention behind them!

We’d like to share our vision with you with this post. While we’re already preparing everything for the first season, we’re also discussing concepts that are not yet finalized, and it might take some time before you’ll see them implemented.

New Leaderboards 101

Introducing a global streamer leaderboard

Viewers can help their favorite streamers rank up in the streamer leaderboards, while improving their own position on the respective streamer’s leaderboard as well. They also earn rewards as a community and as an individual by doing so. The calculation is based on the amount of energy used to redeem booster packs.

Big changes in the leaderboards

We are looking to merge the three viewer leaderboards (weekly, monthly, and total) per streamer into one seasonal bracket. It will list all viewers who redeem cards for the streamer and include leagues as well.

- Streamers will gain a deeper insight into their viewership and a new tool to encourage new viewers as well as reward dedicated fans for watching their stream.

- All viewers can easily join the competition and compete within the leagues with realistic goals and noticeable progress, regardless of whether they are regular viewers or not.

Introducing seasons

Seasonal rewards, assets, and goals introduce a rich toolbox for streamers, to engage with their community and reward loyalty. Watching specific streamers will be more rewarding than collecting energy around the clock.

The nitty-gritty stuff

Leaderboards and Leagues

The calculation base for all leaderboards is the amount of energy used to redeem booster packs. This means that opening 6 event packs for 100 energy will give you the same amount of points as opening one base pack for 600 energy.


The viewer leaderboards at the different streamers will be segmented into five leagues, to create competition spaces for different viewer behaviors. At the start of each season, everyone will start at 0 and climb the leagues by reaching certain thresholds.

Leagues enable us to include and reward dedicated and casual users alike. We can group viewers based on their energy-to-card rate to compete with each other.

- Smaller streamers with a very active card collecting community can compete with larger streamers, with a less active community.

- Feasible goals and rewarding progress to achieve for everyone, while offering a challenging competition for the most dedicated of our community at the same time.

The leagues will be static in the first season, but we’re planning to introduce a dynamic system in the future, with relegation chances in the top leagues. Only a limited amount of users can be part of the top league, and those ranks will be highly competitive. Users ranking in the lower leagues won’t have to fear relegation, to encourage casual viewers to participate and climb the leagues. We will announce further details about the mechanics by the time the season rolls around.

The system of five leagues ensures that even smaller content creators can reward their most loyal viewers as they climb the ranks.

Streamer Leaderboards

The streamers’ communities are the driving power to push the streamer’s ranks and to achieve the next league. There will be special rewards for those in the top ranks  to ensure a community-building framework for streamers to build on.

Viewer Leaderboards

The viewer leaderboards will be separate for each streamer. Viewers will participate by redeeming booster packs for the streamer. There are different leagues on the user side to encourage casual and dedicated viewers alike to participate in the competition.

We chiefly want to boost loyalty through the viewer leaderboards. With the detailed leaderboards and leagues, streamers gain a deep insight into their community and get to identify their most dedicated fans as well as their casual viewers. This can be used for example to develop strategies to reward loyalty and further encourage casual viewers to stick around.


Most of you are most likely familiar with the concept of seasons: a time-limited competition to invite players to compete with each other and earn rewards.

To adapt this concept for Streamheroes, we will introduce a wide variety of rewards like badges and profile frames, special assets for streamers, a themed collection, seasonal layers and more. We have many more ideas for the future, like enabling streamers to add their own personalized rewards for their viewers or global seasonal goals!

Discover a new way for streamers to reward their viewers across the seasons and give them an incentive to actively watch and support them while earning rewards as a community as well as on an individual basis.


  • Everyone can participate. When you redeem a booster pack for a streamer, you automatically enter their seasonal roaster. The more energy you invest in their cards, the higher you can climb the ranks while also contributing to the streamer’s ranking at the same time.
  • One season lasts for 3 months.
  • At the end of the season, you’ll earn rewards both based on your league and ranking at different streamers and the rank and league of the respective streamer.
  • There will be special, rare-quality layers for each season.
  • The first booster pack you’ll open, per day and streamer, will give extra XP.


We don’t want to force you to farm energy 24/7 to have a chance to climb up the current insurmountable mammoth of a leaderboard. This static approach is outdated and discourages everyone but the most competitive and diligent veteran users.

We’re already easing this by diversifying our leaderboards and adding leagues, and the dynamic seasons will add even more life to the boards and allow streamers to utilize this feature to reward loyalty and build their communities.

Since the rewards are bound to the streamers you’re watching, you get to choose the streams whose leaderboards you want to participate in. You can still fill your schedule 24/7 with other streams if you’d like to appear on multiple leaderboards and earn their rewards as well, but you don’t need to do so if you’re only interested in specific streamers.

There is a place for everyone in the season: the loyal enthusiast as well as regular and casual viewers. Even new users can easily enter and make tangible progress!


To keep the seasons fresh and exciting, we will introduce themes with each season in the form of the following, with the potential of further themed items to come later down the line:

  • Seasonal quality layers as rare drops replacing the usual quality layers
  • Special card back for cards with seasonal layers
  • Rewards like badges and profile frames
  • A limited-time Streamheroes seasonal collection
  • For streamers:
  • Seasonal frames
  • Background effects
  • Booster pack designs

We’re adding themed assets for the streamers, enabling them to easily create their own seasonal card sets with themed frames, effects, and booster designs in order to diversify their booster packs with additional cool cards during the season. It will be possible to have more than one active standard booster pack. We will reveal more about this in a future post.

The seasonal layers will also help streamers provide you with seasonal content and an additional incentive to keep collecting their cards. Those limited rare layers offer an opportunity to add value to the cards for the upcoming marketplace.

Our illustrators will also create a seasonal Streamheroes collection to showcase their artistic interpretation of the season.

We have many awesome ideas, but if you thought of a great idea or effect you’d love to see in future seasons, make sure to let us know!

Season 0

Season 0 will be a test season. It will allow us to test our framework and gather feedback from you about the changes. The leaderboards during Season 0 will be static, meaning there will be no battle for the upper leagues or relegation system. Once you reach a certain threshold, you’re safe!

In the future, we’ll build on this basic frameset and introduce new elements with upcoming seasons to explore the potential of this tool.

We will announce further details about this season (like rewards, leaderboard prerequisites, and more) with the start of Season 0.

We are very excited about this feature and can’t wait to see your feedback!

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