Dear Streamheroes community,

I would like to inform you about some important changes to Streamheroes:

  1. NEW: Ads (and how to remove them)
  2. NEW: The Streamheroes Supporter Subscription
  3. NEW: The refer-a-friend program
  4. NEW: Limited Streamheroes Halloween 2022 Cards
  5. Next steps: Streamheroes in November

ad 1. ads at Streamheroes, and how to remove them

Right off the bat, nobody likes ads. Ads distract from the actual product. Be it a news website, an app, the free Spotify variant, or on your favorite YouTube channel. Ads are often annoying, but they allow many websites, games, and companies to provide their products or services to users for free.

That´s why we are implementing ads on Streamheroes. As described in our last update (, we are currently looking for additional monetization opportunities to continue to operate Streamheroes safely. Advertisements will play a role in this strategy in the future.

IMPORTANT: We will probably start with the first advertisement integrations on Monday, 24th of October, and will test these for a few weeks, i.e. you may see more ads on Streamheroes on one day and fewer ads on other days. We will try to find the best mix for you,... so show as few ads as necessary.

If you don't want to see ads on Streamheroes, you have the possibility to become a Streamheroes supporter. Streamheroes supporters will get many benefits, including that we do not show annoying ads to you.

ad 2. The Streamheroes supporter subscription

Good news first:

Streamheroes´full range of core features will remain free of charge for every user! We wanted to make this possible because we know that not everyone has the possibility to support us or the streamers monetarily as well.

However, we will use a so-called freemium model at Streamheroes in the future. I.e. the core functions are still free of charge, but there will be a monthly affordable supporter subscription. Community members who support Streamheroes with a small monthly amount and therefore will enjoy some advantages.

Benefits for users who support Streamheroes with the supporter subscription:

  • 300 gems per month
  • NO ADS
  • Multi-opening of boosters
  • Animated profile picture frames
  • Animated name in leaderboards
  • Two additional storage boxes with 150, instead of 100 available slots

Additionally, we are evaluating if it is possible to give every supporter a monthly voucher for a real, physical Streamheroes card on top. Should we introduce this benefit additionally, all supporters will also receive this voucher retroactively to the first day of their subscription.

We look forward to gradually filling the supporter subscription with more benefits for our loyal supporters.

ad 3. The refer-a-friend program

To help Streamherores grow, we have introduced a new refer-a-friend program. You might already know it from games like League of Legends, which found a lot of new community members through its program. You will find a personal link in the program. Share this link with friends and get rewards!

If a user registers through your link, you will receive rewards per registered user:

  • 10 Gems, as soon as the new user has collected more than 30.000 energy
  • 20 Gems additional gems, if the new user also buys gems or becomes a Sreamheroes supporter

Recommend Streamheroes to your friends and get gems as rewards to use at the marketplace or for card purchases.

ad 4. NEW: Limited Halloween Streamheroes cards

There will be a three weeks time limited Streamheroes card set that you can collect for coins. Get your Halloween cards now!

ad 5. Next steps: November at Streamheroes

In October we introduced a lot of new features at Streamheroes:

  • The Streamheroes marketplace
  • Card collections
  • Gems
  • Ads
  • The supporter subscription
  • Refer-a-friend program

Those features will require improvements and balancing, which we plan to focus on in November. We have already received great feedback from the community and are looking forward to implementing it.

Furthermore, we will continue to work on the concepts for new features and inform you about the news as soon as possible. We will be happy to keep you up to date here.


Alex (Socials), Alexei (Dev), Andy (Design), Bianca (Illustration), Christoph (Finance), Florian (Dev), Jasmin (Support), Laurin (UI/UX), Lukas (CTO & Product), Luke (Dev), Marco (Support), Nina (HR), Olli (Dev), Sebastian (Partnerships), Stephanie (Accounting); written by Tom (CEO)

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