With the new, more complex card system and the introduction of seasons, we also need a more diversified alert system. But that’s not all. We want to provide you with a powerful tool to engage with your community. Let’s check out, what’s coming soon!

In a nutshell:

Alert Capsules

Imagine your viewer pulls a perfect Legendary 100% card and no one is there to celebrate it. That’s kind of sad, right? We have a solution for this: Alert Capsules.

The streamer defines events, they’d like to have alerts for, as usual. When the viewer would trigger an alert, they get an alert capsule added to their inventory instead. Now the viewer can decide if and when they send the alert to the stream and/or the streamer’s Discord. It all depends on how you configured the alert.

There are many advantages! Viewers gain control if or when they want to send their alerts, as a streamer you create more room to appreciate and honor your active community members and supporters, and you even gain another tool for additional content. 

How about an event during your stream with a little competition about who has the best alerts ready?

For now, we've decided to have a 5-minute cool down for the capsules per viewer and streamer. This means, the same viewer can open a capsule at the same streamer once in 5 minutes. However, the viewer can redeem capsules for other streamers in the meantime, as well as other viewers can redeem a capsule each for the same streamer.

Streamheroes Discord Bot

Most streamers have their own Discord server for their community to have some fun together, aside the streams. With our new Discord bot, you can broadcast the alerts to your Discord community too! Just add Discord as an alert channel, while setting up your alerts.

On top of that, there is a role function available, to provide your community with roles depending on their current league.

Bring the competition and excitement to your Discord community. You know the drill, set up the roles with special perks to highlight their achievements, incite the challenge, and reward them!

You could invite your Diamond League viewers  to a  game session or a voice hangout.

Alert Settings

As you can see, there will be exciting new features available. On top of this,  the options and opportunities for alerts have been multiplied by the more complex card system and the seasons. Now we need a nice tool box to set everything up, and manage all those opportunities and alert needs.

There will be three alert types available, and you can set up as many of them as you like! Mix and match alerts across Twitch and/or Discord as you please.

  • Redeemed Booster Packs
    Define different alerts with a combination of one or more rarities and a quality range.
  • Card Purchase
    Don’t miss a supporter and set alerts for different monetary thresholds.
  • Community Rank-up
    Stay on top of your user rankings and set up alerts for League transitions.
Please mind, we're still working on it and some things might change until launch.

Once, you’ve decided on a specific alert, you can fine tune its appearance and where to broadcast it:

  • Show the alert animation on stream
  • Add a text message
  • Use our sound notification
  • Enable users to trigger a text or text-to-speech message, while redeeming their alert capsule for even more interaction.
  • Get our Discord bot and broadcast the alerts on your server too!
  • Set up our Discord bot through the alert management.
Please mind, we're still working on it and some things might change until launch.

Go wild, be creative, and play around with your new toys have arrived. If you’re missing something, let us know!

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