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Thomas Rafelsberger

Streamheroes Update April 2023

Dear Streamheroes Community, The next words are very difficult for us, but unfortunately, they are a necessary step, which we took after careful consideration and a few months of evaluation. Streamheroes will be shut down in the coming weeks.We want to explain why this is happening and explain what...

Thomas Rafelsberger

Balancing and Bugfixing Nov22#1

Dear Streamheroes Community, the last weeks have been quite challenging for all of us. Not only did the SH team bring many new features online (Marketplace, Collections, Gems), but with the ads, the subscription, and the change to the popular Multicraft feature even the last sleepy users were woken up...

Thomas Rafelsberger

The Streamheroes Supporter Subscription & Ads

Dear Streamheroes community,I would like to inform you about some important changes to Streamheroes: NEW: Ads (and how to remove them)NEW: The Streamheroes Supporter SubscriptionNEW: The refer-a-friend programNEW: Limited Streamheroes Halloween 2022 CardsNext steps: Streamheroes in Novemberad 1. ads at Streamheroes, and how to remove themRight off the...


The Return of Alerts!

You've missed them for a while now, but this overhaul was worth the waiting! With the new, more complex card system and the introduction of seasons, we also need a more diversified alert system. But that’s not all. We want to provide you with a powerful tool to engage...

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