A drop is a pretty rare and shy creature. It loves to sit on cards as long as they are still sealed within their booster packs, and to surprise you when you least expect it.

From now, there’ll be a chance for you to get a drop, each time you open a booster pack. Drops are vouchers, for now just for our Streamheroes card shop, but for the future we’re looking into opportunities to partner with other companies to provide you with more tasty loot!

Be careful, those drops are pretty shy, and will expire rather sooner than later. A countdown will keep you updated, how much time you’ve got left to use it.

You’ll get a notification and an email, to make sure you don’t miss your drop, and you’ll find them in their own tab in the inventory.

With these drops, we want to thank you for using Streamheroes, and add some more value to the fun of collecting cards by giving you a chance to get cool discounts and even free items!

For the next 30 days, the following drops for the Streamheroes card shop will be active:

500 x free shipping
2250 x 10% discount
1250 x 20% discount
1000 x 40% discount

Please let us know how you think about this new feature on our Discord.

May the drops be ever in your favor!

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